“Computer science empowers students to create the world of tomorrow.” 

Our Mission

The department of Computing Sciences’ goal is to preserve, disseminate, and expand the body of knowledge relating to computation and become a premier European center for interdisciplinary research in computing. It promotes scientific discoveries, technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and industrial collaborations. It is committed to the values of inclusivity, integrity, openness, and collegiality.

The Computing Sciences also aims to be a hub of interdisciplinary research with other departments within Bocconi and at other universities. Areas include digital humanities; AI for images and texts with applications to marketing, management, finance, law, social sciences, economics, and accounting; bioinformatics; fintech and blockchains; secure computations and privacy; computational methods in statistics; algorithmic mechanism design, and algorithmic game theory.

The department’s scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and promotion of entrepreneurship will have both a local and international impact. These activities will account for several societal grand challenges related to computing, such as the potential adverse societal effects of the digital transition and the applicability of computational methods to understanding climate change and improving energy efficiency."

Faculty Positions

Its world-class, international, and diverse faculty conducts research in computer science and the social, mathematical, physical, and life sciences related to computing.