Laura Sanita'

Laura Sanità is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing Sciences of Bocconi. Before, she was an Associate Professor at TU Eindhoven (Netherlands) and the University of Waterloo (Canada).
he received her PhD in Operations Research in 2009 from the University of Rome Sapienza (Italy), and was subsequently a postdoctoral fellow at EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland).
Laura Sanità is internationally renowned for her significant contributions to Combinatorial Optimization and Approximation Algorithms. She is the recepient of a VIDI-award (NWO, Netherlands), Discovery supplement award (NSERC, Canada), Early research award (Ontario), and the best paper award at the Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) conference in 2010.
he is an associate editor of the journals "Mathematical Programming", "Discrete Optimization", and "Operations Research Letters", and she has been a program committee member and chair of several top-tier theoretical computer science conferences.

Associate Professor
Research interests

My research interests lie in the broad area of discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, and operations research. My research activity mostly concentrates on algorithmic aspects of fundamental optimization problems.

Areas of interest include: Combinatorial optimization, Approximation algorithms, Network design, Polyhedral combinatorics, Algorithmic game theory.

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