Dirk Hovy

I am an associate professor working on natural language processing and computational social science. Previously, I was faculty and postdoc in Copenhagen, got a PhD from USC, and a master's in sociolinguistics in Germany.

I am also the scientific director of BIDSA’s Data and Marketing Insights (DMI) research unit, and head of the MilaNLP lab. I have organized a conference (EMNLP 2017) and various workshops (on abusive language, ethics in NLP, and computational social science).

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, leather-crafting, and picking up heavy object to put them back down. 

Associate Professor
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I received a 2020 ERC Starting Grant to explore the effect of sociodemographic variables on NLP models, and to integrate the two. 

Research interests

I work in natural language processing and computational social science, and am interested in modeling what language can tell us about society, and what computers can tell us about language. I also work on ethics and fairness in NLP and AI.

Technique-wise, I am interested in transfer learning, multitask learning, reinforcement learning and adversarial learning.

Selected Publications